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Mr. Miller did an awesome job on our home's new plumbing system. He was easy to communicate with; he gave helpful advice with the design, layout, and technology of the system. He personally showed up to the job right on schedule, never left us hanging, and always returned calls promptly. Our radiant floor heat is amazing. He also installed a water treatment system, because he diagnosed acidity in our water, which had been creating pinhole leaks on a regular basis. All of our plumbing problems are gone. He is not a bubble-gum patch guy, he does things the right way, the safe way, the first time, and fixed many previous plumber's repairs that were not correct.

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George L Miller Plumbing And Heating was quick and responsive to my boiler replacement .Liked the fact that I had a licensed and insured plumber working to keep my family warm during the winter months. He was very neat and honest.


Mr. Miller did all the plumbing in our large extension. He was very thorough, and from listening to his advice I could see that he was extremely knowledgeable in the latest plumbing codes, safety, and technology. His quote was competitive, but best of all, his communication is second to none. He returns calls promptly and shows up as scheduled. He always took the high road when dealing with surprise problems on the job site.


We recently had a problem with recurring pinholes in the older copper pipe sections of the house. Mr. Miller immediately diagnosed acidic water from our iron rich well, and installed a neutralizer. The pinholes stopped occurring immediately. He now services the neutralizer regularly for us.

If you want something fixed CORRECTLY call Miller. I have dealt with other local plumbers that seem to fudge things just to get them fixed long enough to bill you.


George L Miller installed a water conditioner in my home. He uses the latest technology to achieve the best results. My water is like silk now and would recommend George to all. Neat and reasonable.


We had a TON of work done by Mr. Miller. Heating, plumbing, water conditioning, and regular maintenance. He knows his business like no other. Most plumbers I have dealt with don't keep up with technology like Mr. Miller does, he told us about the latest available technologies in plumbing, heating, and controls. He knew all the current construction codes, and safety codes. He is not just sticking pipes together. He analyzed our water, and determined that the acidity was off, so he recommended a treatment system which has ELIMINATED all the random pipe leaks we used to have. He even found old shoddy repairs, and poorly designed plumbing in our home. He made proper repairs, which made a huge difference in the performance and efficiency of our systems. He was also very responsive to our communications. He cares about his work.


Great work. My family has been having work done by Mr. Miller for years now. Every time we have a problem, we call him as soon as we see it, and he has always been there to help. Still has been able to keep reasonable prices in this terrible economy.

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars by Tom

Mr. Miller installed a whole new heating system in my home. We converted hot air heat to baseboard hot water heat, when we renovated our underground basement into living space. We were advised this type of heating was best for maintaining warmth evenly. Hot air seems to leave cold spots when its not blowing. We were pleasantly suprised we used less oil. My electric bill dropped to half!! Because the oil burner was now heating our hot water instead of electric. We also seem to have less static electric with moist heat. Both the carpenter and the electrician working on my renovation complimented on how neatly the plumbing job was done, and made there work easier!!! Thank you George

Baseboard Heat By hitched2ahunk

We are extremely pleased with this company. We called Mr. Miller for an estimate to replace a defective boiler (installed by the oil company last year). There was a puddle of water under the boiler since it was installed. At first the oil company said it was spilled water & would dry up. It never did. Then after repeated calls they finally told us the boiler was defective and was under warranty. They could get us a new boiler but we would have to pay the labor to have it installed again ($1800). When Mr. Miller looked at it he discovered a plug near the bottom (hidden by the metal covering) had never been tightened. He tightened it & it stopped leaking! I wish we called him to install it in the first place. We switched oil companies also.

Defective Boiler By valospirate

We had George back recently to install a faucet. He did a great job as usual. He asked how much oil we are using now with the new boiler he put in about a little over year ago. I knew it was less, but when I actually checked my receipts I was surprised to see that it was just about half of what we had been using annually! He did a beautiful job on it and we have great hot water since the installation. I'm so glad we found him!

New Faucet By ann1013

We were very happy with the prompt; professional service provided by this company. They were able to replace my tub faucet from the closet behind the tile wall. Another company wanted to open the tile leaving us with the need for an expensive tile repair. We would probably never match the color either. Mr. Miller was the only one to even offer this option. He even replaced the wall board in the closet. We are very pleased & would not hesitate to recommend this company.

Laura By lauralab

We are very happy with this company. We were having problems with our hot water coil. After cleaning it the tech explained that it was due to hard water which shouldn't be happening since we have a softener. Culligan came to check their unit & said it was working fine (and charged us). When the coil plugged up again we had Mr. Miller test the water. It was the same amount of hardness before as after. We decided to have Mr. Miller install a new softener. I can't believe we didn't notice that the old unit wasn't working. Now our water feels like velvet. We even had suds coming out of the washing machine. I was used to using a lot of soap trying to get our clothes clean. I would definitely recommend this company!

Great Plumber

Last week I called Mr. Miller at 7pm telling him how we did not have any water, instead of having to wait even until the morning he was there within the hour. We were very appreciative that he showed that much concern for us before he's even met us.

Short notice friendly

Reliable, very knowledgeable, up to date with the latest technology, no BS.

5 Anon

Mr. Miller was referred to us by a family friend, and after having work done by him, I can see why. He showed us what he was worth with his honest work ethic and timely response. He made sure that the job was done correctly and we were happy with the results. We are definitely going to be a regular for any of our upcoming needs.

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars by Less Laurence