George L Miller Plumbing & Heating LLC offers professional heating services. We are committed to energy conservation and do not sell oil, or gas, so we have no conflict of interest. Some companies will try to convince you to keep pouring money into an antiquated system that lets most of the heat go up the chimney. Why not upgrade to a new high efficiency unit, and start saving money today! We sell a variety of high quality brands that can earn you significant savings. Add an indirect hot water maker to an existing boiler to save you on fuel costs and improve your hot water pressure!

Our Heating Services Include:

  • Oil and gas boiler installation
  • High efficiency boiler installation
  • Electric heat conversions
  • Radiant heat installation
  • Infrared heater installation
  • Gas fireplace installation

High efficiency heating equipment will not only save you money on energy, it will increase the value of your property immediately. You might even qualify for a tax credit, making the installation even more affordable. If you are remodeling or renovating, it’s a perfect time to think about Radiant Heating. It's much more energy efficient and comfortable than other types of heating, reducing your heating bill by an average of 30%! We've had clients tell us that their fuel consumption was cut in half after a heating upgrade.

Contact George L Miller Plumbing & Heating LLC today at 845-526-2314 to schedule an appointment, or browse our website for more information regarding Plumbing, Well Pumps and Water Treatment or Heating.


"Mr. Miller installed a whole new heating system in my home. We converted hot air heat to baseboard hot water heat, when we renovated our underground basement into living space. We were advised this type of heating was best for maintaining warmth evenly. Hot air seems to leave cold spots when its not blowing. We were pleasantly surprised we used less oil. My electric bill dropped to half!! Because the oil burner was now heating our hot water instead of electric. We also seem to have less static electric with moist heat. Both the carpenter and the electrician working on my renovation complimented on how neatly the plumbing job was done, and made their work easier!!! Thank you George!"